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Millennium Relief & Development Services


  The Millennium Relief and Development Services Gala will take place on Thursday, October 6.  Attendees of the Gala will have the opportunity to bid on the bottles purchased as an auction and/or raffle item.

You can aid in the fundraising efforts by purchasing a bottle of wine (or donating a cash amount to be used to purchase a bottle of wine) from the selection below.

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By choosing wines from this selection, you are supporting the Millennium Relief and Development Services.  Millennium Relief and Development Services has served the poor in various parts of the world for over a decade.  Born out of the heart of its founders, Bill Koops and James Clark, Millennium is looking forward to continued service to the poor, suffering and disenfranchised through a network of teams dedicated to the people they serve. 

In delivering intelligent compassion to those in complex situations, Millennium takes a simple, effective approach to meaningful relief and development.

Thank you for your support.

Double Decanted will bring the wines to the gala.  If you would like to order wine for yourself, or make inquiries, please email Kelly Prohl at

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Sauvignon Blanc & Other White

Chardonnay & White Burgundy

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