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The 27th annual Trees of Hope Holiday Gala will take place on Friday, November 4, 2016, at the Citadel on Kirby. The wine pull has become an integral part of the auction, and wine committee members, Donna Grehn, Sharon Schwartz, Elise Swann, and Sara Jane Wilson invite you to help support this year’s pull by participating in our “Online Cellar”.

Attendees of the Trees of Hope Holiday Gala will have the opportunity to bid on the bottles purchased for the Online Cellar as part of the well-known Wine Pull.

By choosing wines from this selection, you are supporting the Wine Committee, and ultimately the Trees of Hope Holiday Gala in its effort to maximize funding to Star of Hope’s Children’s Critical Care Fund. The Wine Committee, the entire Board of Trustees, and staff of Trees of Hope thank you for your support.

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