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Our Selection

Whether you need a bottle for a meal, milestone, or collection, Double Decanted will help you expand your world of wine. Check back often to view our evolving collection of wines from around the world.

United States

From Napa Valley to Willamette Valley, the U.S. has a wine for any taste or occasion.


With a dizzying array of bottles – from chardonnay to champagne to Bordeaux – the French offer some of the most famous wines in the world.


Whether you’re dining on pizza or prosciutto, these bottles will have you shouting, “bravo!”

Australia & New Zealand

Wines from the lands down under will add a kick to any meal or event.

South America

South Americans know how to add spice to life and it translates to their wine.

Rest of the World

Not all noteworthy bottles hail from well-recognized wine regions; some of the best-kept secrets are from places you’ve never heard of.